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I stopped in over the weekend to check out the store and was amazed by how many things fit into such a small space.  Jenny Sheppard has managed to use every square inch of space to pack in all kinds of goodies into the 300 square feet she has to work with.  Runaway Tide is housed in the old beauty shop, at 17 N. Main Street,  but the only clue that remains is the old oak framed mirror, which looks just at home now.

You can find basics, such as Tylenol and laundry detergent along side preserves, nuts and salad dressings.  There are small gift items and gift bags and wrapping paper to present them in.  Don’t forget a card, Jenny has those too.  I was very excited to see some local favorites, Eastern Shore Kettle Korn , George’s Bloody Mary Mix and fresh local honey.  There is also a great selection of old fashioned candies, including rock candy and Coca-Cola.  You can even get that Coke in a bottle.  Why does it taste so good that way?

It’s definitely worth a stop in to see everything that Runaway Tide has to offer.  Jenny says she is hoping to add steamed hotdogs soon too!  I left with some picadilli,  pickling mix and a nice hand soap that I am really looking forward to using.

Nice to know I have a place to run around the corner to, when I run out of mustard!

Link: http://www.oursmalltownbiglife.com/runaway-tide-general-store-its-all-under-one-roof-in-berlin-md/